Ecoinformatics Consulting Services

    Adaptation from a business perspective is managing change, learning from the past, and managing the present and future.

    • Of course, if adapting to change is needed to survive "leading the change is the key to succeed"
    • The future is closer than you think and today you need to implement the strategies which make your organization competitive and a "market" or Issue or knowledge leader 5- 10 years from now!
    • Particularly for science and technology based organizations delivering knowledge based products and services: the future is now!

    This is the perspective in which GeoStrategis provides a unique set of strategic management services in support of senior managers, management teams, research managers and leading knowledge networks. Our vision and approach builds on linking science-technology-policy-practice and sustainability (from an organizational and sustainable development point of view).
    We provide a unique value-added in “finding the future” (opportunities, demands, issues) and mapping pragmatic strategies and action plans to get there as a leader.

    When you need to:
    • re-invent your organization or program
    • reposition it for the future
    • exploit your knowledge advantage
    • improve your policy influence
    • lead the next (r)evolution
    Then GeoStrategis can help.

    The type of consulting services we provide are outlined in the framework and Geostrategis site map imbedded in our home page.

    Our services covers:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Knowledge Management
    • Policy Mapping
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Sustainable Development
    • Geospatial Infrastructure


"It is not
the strongest species that will survive,
nor the most intelligent,
the one
most responsive
to change."


Mapping the Future using Strategic Architecture

  • Geomatics Canada
  • Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
  • Canadian Forestry Service Science and Technology Networks
  • Atlas of Canada
  • Sustainable Development
  • Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management
  • Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure

Geomatics Canada Strategic Architecture

Knowledge Value Chain

Evaluating Policy Influence

Sustainable Forest Management Criteria and Indicators

From spatial data to knowledge infrastructure

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